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J.C. Newman Cigar Factory Tour

J.C. Newman Cigar Factory Tour

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On March 2, a cohort of BDCNA members and their guests convened in Ybor City for an exclusive tour of the J C Newman Cigar Factory, renowned as “America’s Oldest family-owned Premium Cigar Maker,” followed by a visit to the historic Columbia Restaurant, recognized as “Florida’s Oldest Restaurant.”

Guiding our group through the labyrinthine corridors of the factory was our Tour Host, Holden Rasmussen. We delved into the depths of this three-story establishment, discovering coveted special edition cigars, authentic Cuban tobacco, and ancient AMF rolling machines dating back decades. Each floor of the factory unveiled a different facet of its rich history, from storage vaults and humidified aging rooms to skilled hand rollers and a dedicated floor housing vintage automated rolling machines, nearly a century old.

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J C Newman is celebrated for its production of some of the world’s finest cigars, crafting 18 million sticks annually for various companies under their own brands. Notably, the company also contributes to charitable causes through the sale of special limited-edition cigar boxes. One such initiative sees proceeds amounting to nearly $1 million annually, supporting educational programs for schoolchildren in the Dominican Republic.

As our tour concluded, we had the opportunity to purchase freshly crafted cigars directly from the factory, ensuring an unparalleled level of freshness and quality. Our excursion then culminated with a visit to the historic Columbia Restaurant, providing the perfect finale to a day rich in cultural and culinary experiences.

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