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Looking To Become A Bentley Driver Club Member?

Welcome to the Bentley Drivers Club of North America. The original Bentley Drivers Club was founded by Keston Pelmore in March 1936. Since it’s founding, the Bentley Drivers Club has steadily grown to a world-wide family of almost 4,000. We welcome all Bentley owners and enthusiasts to share their love of these beautiful motor cars. Our Members have three things in common: fun, friendship and first-class driving experiences. So join up, meet like-minded people and maximize your enjoyment!

Club members are comprised of a network of enthusiastic Bentley drivers who take part in a diverse range of regional, national and international events. The Bentley Drivers Club of North America is just one of the over 30 Regions worldwide. You can always be sure of a warm welcome at whatever Club event you attend and whichever Bentley you arrive in. This reception also extends to those Members yet to purchase their first Bentley.

Bentley Automobile Fun Facts

Bentley was founded in Cricklewood in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley, or W.O as he was known.

The very first Bentley ever made was the EXP I, it was completed in London in 1919. The very first Bentley to roll of the production line was the Mark IV.

As true today as it was then “To build a good car, a fast car, the best in its class”.

Rolls-Royce bought the company for £125,275 ($154,370.75) in 1931. From then on production moved to Derby until 1940, where the famous Derby Bentleys were made.

In 1998 Bentley was acquired by the Volkswagen Group, immediately investing over £1 billion ($1,232,355,000.00) to upgrade the factory.

The company’s first-ever SUV was launched in 2015, the luxurious, go-anywhere Bentayga.

New Bentleys average around $300,000, with options accounting for between a quarter and a third of that amount. That average price is for the “run-of-the-mill” Bentleys you can find at a dealership.

W.O. Bentley

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